Hope Island

Some of the Coast’s best landscaping

Hope Island Resort is a stunningly-designed master-planned community with over 1,600 residential properties. The extensive landscape consists of gardens, lawns, water access, a lake, marina access and walking tracks.


As an up-market community, it’s vital that we maintain the public and gated landscapes of Hope Island to the highest standard.


A dedicated multi-faceted team of horticulturalists, covering turf, gardens, and weed control, are based onsite to ensure these premium gardens are expertly maintained. Their environmental expertise and understanding of the body corporate processes ensure all work is delivered in a professional and compliant manner.


This prestigious community demands the highest quality work throughout the year. Working with the Principal’s Representative, as well as appropriate committees, we help realise the potential of the landscapes and provide a long-term and balanced approach to maintenance. We also provide both proactive and responsive recommendations to enhancements, to ensure the amenity of the landscapes for the benefit and enjoyment of residents.


With our support, the stunning landscapes of Hope Island have played an important role in bolstering house prices, as well as providing residents with a range of environmental and emotional benefits.