Stockland – Highlands

Developing for the developer

Stockland’s Highlands community is an award-winning residential development 32km north of Melbourne. With over 11,000 homes, this beautiful community consists of streetscapes, parks, sales offices and various open spaces, such as waterways.


As a growing community, it’s vital that the landscapes look their best and are highly functional at all times. We are responsible for maintaining newly developed landscapes, ensuring they first become established, and then flourish, before they are handed over to Council at the end of the maintenance period.


Given the size and varied landscape of the Highlands community, we use a dedicated, multi-faceted team of horticulturalists, covering turf, gardens, and weed control, as well as specialists in juvenile tree care and maintenance. They work in a high-pace, public space, which continually evolves due to ongoing residential construction and the dynamic nature of developers. Working closely with our client, Council and residents, our team ensure landscapes are well maintained, safe and desirable at all times.


There are several challenges that we overcome to ensure the Highlands community can enjoy the best possible landscapes. New and ongoing building projects, as well as residents moving into new homes, mean that we require strong systems and safety procedures. On top of this, we must work closely with Council to ensure the delivery of specific landscapes at the end of the maintenance period. We provide scheduled maintenance and rectification and enhancement works to make sure that the landscapes are always at their best.


We have delivered our program of works at Highlands to ensure that each stage of the development is handed over to Council as planned, with all necessary rectifications undertaken in a cost-effective manner. This focus on delivering these stages to Council ensures the developer is not burdened with additional operational or financial obligations due to the landscape.