Sunshine Coast Regional Council

The finishing touches on the Coast’s beauty

We maintain specific landscape zones on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. These zones include parklands and open spaces, as well as gardens on roundabouts and adjacent to footpaths. All of these require attention to look their best and provide a great-looking and safe amenity for residents and tourists.


For this project, we look after defined zones for the Council, clearly identified using GIS maps. Our services include rubbish collection, weeding, hedging, trimming, reporting and an annual mulching program.


We employ small mobile teams, resourced with appropriate skills, qualifications and equipment, to systematically and efficiently work through the zone’s sites, and report back on safety considerations or Council operations. We also work proactively with Council to upgrade or rectify any gardens that may be causing issues, such as sight lines for traffic, or continual encroachment on pathways.


To ensure the best results for the Council, our teams must work through several challenges. Working within the community and next to roads requires a high level of awareness and a focus on safety. Our teams also require a deep horticultural understanding so that the landscape is functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing for the residents. To deliver this efficiently required a tailor-made methodology, so we could deliver works cost-effectively over the contract period, while also growing with the Council.


As the Council grew, we were able to grow with them at a sustainable pace, ensuring the service, quality and coverage of the growing areas was maintained. Strong communication and a mutually respectful relationship led to the successful delivery of the contract and that continues to this day.